The Fairy Fixers first performance!

Small Size Days Festival 2015

Well the fairies at PigNut Productions are busy in rehearsals this week but very excited as they will be taking to the stage for the first time this Saturday!

The Fairy Fixers, for the first time ever, will take to the stage at the Galway Town Hall Theatre. Before you go grab your credit card and book tickets, alas I am afraid to say that the two performances are fully sold out! (Good news for the fairies and the rest of us at PigNut Productions mind!)

For those of you lucky enough to have a ticket, here’s a brief sneak description of what the show is about:

“Is there an injured fairy in your house? Are you worried it won’t be able to look after itself? Call the Fairy Fixers for immediate action!

In this gently humorous show for pre-school children, the Fairy Fixers arrive to catch a shy fairy and mend her broken wing. They need lots of help from the children, and a little bit of magic.”

A big thanks to Baboró International Arts Festival for Children who are kindly presenting the production as part of an exciting new initiative for young children. ‘Small Size Day’ is specifically for very young children and is part of a European celebration of creativity for Early Years to create space and time for little ones.

Better get back to the fairies, they’re doing awful mischief in the fairy fixers tool box! Roll on this Saturday for our first performances. Hopefully we’ll see you there or sometime this year!


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